Happy Soles

The Origin Story

Hey everyone, allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Joel and Greg; founders, creators, and operators of Happy Soles.

Let us take you back to April 2022 where a Bandon Dunes golf trip left one of the founders' feet in such disarray, that they vowed to never walk a golf course again. Fast forward a few more months, where as opportunity would have it, a slot in another upcoming Bandon Dunes trip would be available and said vow would go out the window.
Unbeknownst to us, this broken vow would eventually be the foundation of what would become Happy Soles. Hours and hours of research was done on blister avoidance, remedies for tired and sore feet, different materials for socks, how to fix dry and cracked heels, nail issues and fixes, yadda yadda yadda, if it involved the foot, we probably read about it.
October 2022: armed with a greasy foot lotion (which paved way for the Foot Recovery Stick) and some ugly Merino Wool hiking socks (which lead to the inspiration behind our Merino Wool Blend Crew Socks) the goal for this trip was clear: make your damn feet last.
That goal was a success. Through that success, and a shared passion for creation, we set off creating products that combined our interests of keeping the foot healthy and to look decent while doing it.
Among our products, the groundbreaking Foot Recovery Stick stands out—an easy, mess-free solution to restore the appearance and feel of tired feet, providing a rejuvenating experience after every step. Its cooling effect combined with mild scent will leave even the most worked foot feeling and smelling great. Then there's the Merino Wool Blend Crew Socks, marrying the timeless aesthetics of the crew sock with the unparalleled benefits of Merino Wool (anti-microbial, anti-blister, moisture-wicking, to name a few), ensuring that each step is a cozy, comfortable, and stylish stride.
We beat our feet up a heck of a lot more than we realize and even though there is a wide array of companies that combat foot related issues, we noticed holes in the industry that needed filling.
We made our products to help ourselves and in doing so created stuff that people will really see benefit from and enjoy. We believe in our stuff and we are sure after you use it, you will too.
So join us in celebrating every step as a journey of healthy soles, revived soles, and most importantly, Happy Soles.